Saturday, January 16, 2010

not much to update

No new news. JeanJean and UCI are starting to plan for long term housing of the evacuees. They are also having trouble paying their internet bill so I'm not sure if that will go down. Jehu and other brothers took a truck load of supplies to PAP today. His son Loune who was trapped that night is in the 3rd yr of med school. Everything has shut down, schools, jobs, etc. so he and everyone else don't know where their life will lead now. I went on a long bird hike this morning, and scheduled 'school' for MWF with Louders and his sister Soyrina.

PS - Your imagination and the media might be making you think it's chaos and destruction where I am. Not so at all. No damage, we have food and water, I'm going on bird hikes and teaching neighbor kids, testing water quality, snuggling with cats, having great food and it's finally hot here. We even watched a movie yesterday. It's just stressful for the Mompremiers to coordinate the next steps, and their family is now misplaced.

photos: Kristie & JeanJean, and their 3 dogs at their daughter's soccer game at the field they created on their property.
Me with my new friend Mme Serge and her husband Serge who is a pastor in training. She has been coming over a lot to teach me Kreyol. Women go by their husbands name, madame... I forget her 1st name! We're in the new worship center on their property (& the dogs are somewhere there too!).

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