Friday, May 4, 2012

Haitian bird art

I had the opportunity to meet Haitian bird artist Larimer Saincilus who lives in Port au Prince.  The Haitian Audubon Society at Quisqueya (Kiskeya) University sells his art.  Let me know if you would like to purchase any and I’ll put you in touch with Larimer or Audubon.  If you'd like to purchase greeting cards with his artwork to support environmental education in Haiti let me know!  I posted these pictures of the art at low resolution.  Please don't use this artwork without permission from the artist (saincilusLarimer at yahoo dot fr). 
Hispanolian Woodpecker
Palm tanager

Bay-breasted Cuckoo

Green heron (at a bad angle on my part)

Antillean Euphonia

Great Egret


Snowy Egret

Hispaniolan Trogon - National bird

Vervain Hummingbird - 2nd smallest in world

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