Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birding update

My birding apprentice, Louisders, has been giving birding ecotours! (click to book your tour!) As well of tours of a nearby cave. I sent him some English/Creole dictionaries and ecology books, which he stayed up all night reading. Thank you everyone who donated binoculars and money for the books!

I am planning my next trip to Caiman Haiti for January and am soliciting donations of binoculars. I found that wind-up flashlights are very useful too for the cave, and because most people don't have electricity. I gave Louisders my flashlight which must be how he was able to stay up at night reading.

On my last trip I visited a couple schools and left a pair of binoculars and a laminated bird guide at each (those are Bill Busby's binocs in the photo). Kristie said she'd hook me up with someone on a motorcycle who can take me to more schools and communities. So another goal is to raise funds to make more laminated bird guides to distribute, as well to photocopy handouts for afternoon ecology classes with the neighborhood high school students. Let me know if you'd like to donate, or use the paypal function on the right side of this blog. I'll make the photocopies at M. Amors copy shop in Caiman (that's him and his family in the photo).

For another perspective of this effort, check out the blog post of Mike who went on the last trip.