Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preparing to return through Global Scholars

Me with one of the UCCC biology profs.
This fall finds me in the US preparing for a condensed (6 week) semester in Haiti to teach ecology at Université de la Communauté Chrétienne de Caïman (UCCC).  Not only is this a volunteer position, I must provide all of the classroom materials!  Books, handouts, lab materials, etc.  The costs add up, and I could not continue teaching in Haiti without help.  But I have found an academic organization to partner with, Global Scholars, conveniently located 40 minutes from my US location.

Global Scholars sends professors to teach all over the world, providing the logistical support for fund raising, insurance, and other benefits that one typically does not have with an overseas teaching position.  Their mission is “Some day every university student in the world will have at least one professor who can articulate and demonstrate the love and Lordship of Jesus Christ.”  Which fits my goal of teaching about God through science and ecology, and busting harmful beliefs such as all snakes are the devil and must be killed, or environmental degradation is caused by evil and cannot be reversed.  I'll also teach at the local schools.

Please help me obtain the teaching supplies that will enable the Haitian students learn more about their natural environment (and help me live in Haiti for 6 weeks).  To make a tax-deductible donation look for my name at this Global Scholar link.  The students and I appreciate it!