Friday, January 15, 2010

The family is here

The family made it in at midnight, plus some people Kristie doesn't know. JeanJean made it to Hinche (13 miles away) and needed gas but there wasn't any so he came back with a pickup truck load of people who live in Caiman. He hired another truck to drive to PAP to bring back the family. Not sure if they are all here, but Jehu is. It's good to see him. JeanJean has a funeral today at 2p for the college men that died.

4:30 update: The funeral was canceled since they can't bring the bodies back. There might be a community-wide memorial tomorrow. The Mompremiers are sending most of their clothes to PAP, Mike and I chipped in as well.

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  1. Be careful, Debbie. Thank you for your good work. God speed.

    Josh Powers