Monday, March 19, 2012

Haitian art in Kansas

I recently discovered a gift shop here in Lawrence Kansas that sells Haitian art, and even has a Creole name: Kretyen (it’s next to Pisano’s on 25th St.). They sell fair trade art, bags, coffee, chocolate, etc. from various countries. The Haitian art is mainly the metal work made out of steel drums. Click for a cool video about how it’s made. And here are some pictures of the metal work I’ve bought in Haiti.

Missionary Barb taught an art class in which I taught about birds in 2009. I met the young man Wilnot who made these paintings. The one on the left is early Wilnot, the one on right is a later piece by him. Barb had to leave Haiti, I don’t know if anyone took over the art class. It was a great way to teach the parts of the birds and for the students (adults and kids) to become really familiar with the different birds.

The University of Kansas Spencer Museum of Art recently acquired Haitian art. I don’t know when it will be exhibited but click here for the 2007 Haitian art exhibit.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Navigating the airports - Part III - the Snack Bars upstairs

This is the final post about the airport in Port-au-Prince. Here's what you’ll find in the American Airlines waiting area at the airport (after the final security screen). You can grab a seat and wait, but you should really go upstairs to check out the snack bars. I’ve only eaten at the Rebo one and it’s very good. Mocha for $2.50, and other hot and cold coffee drinks. I get the three-cheese sandwich for $2.50. Order, pay, sit down at a table, and they’ll bring it to you. They grill the sandwiches on a little electric grill. They sell Rebo products – coffee, peanut butter, vanilla, and sell CDs too, including folk songs and more traditional music you can’t find in the gift shops. I suspect the Rebo products are cheaper than in the shops. The Bon Voyage place has French fries, hamburgers, and hotdogs. Another place makes smoothies ($8 I think). And there’s a bar. All sell cold drinks. It’s never been very crowded, and the people are mainly foreigners, so you can sit and try to figure out where everyone is from and what they’re doing in Haiti. From the tables you can see the waiting area below and the sign announcing the flight time, so sit back and relax! Bathrooms are at the back of the main waiting area and are very clean!