Sunday, February 10, 2013

The new Bradt Haiti travel guide

Paul Clammer’s Haiti travel guide was finally released in the US.  If you came to this blog via that guide, you’ve found the right place for information about birding in Haiti’s Central Plateau and Southern Peninsula.   
  • Follow this link to go the Audubon Center website for information about birding and tours in the Les Cayes area on the Southern Peninsula.  You can borrow books and binoculars from them, as well as a guide.

A recent convergence along National Route 3 near Pignon is a guest house, Haiti Unlocked, run by a man who grew up there near Bohoc, and a back packing outfitter, Expedition Ayiti, who leads hikes in the area.  Pair them up with the bird guide Louiders (pictured below) and you’ll have a great excursion!

If you need a bird book for your trip, Princeton's Birds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti is the one to use.

Please leave comments about your experiences with these groups so they may improve their services. 
Birding in the Central Plateau with guide Louiders.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mesay, we’re not in Haiti anymore!

I haven’t posted an update lately since I am back in the US, with one of the orphan kittens I raised.  I brought Mesay back, and she saw her first snow in PA.  And now we are back in Kansas (where we’ve had wind, rain, snow, ice, 73F weather, 0F weather, tornado possibility, all in a span of 2 days!).  I am still involved with AUC, and will return in May with the goal of taking students to a nearby lake for a field study.  So I am still looking for support and supplies for teaching ecology in Haiti.  Contact me if you’d like to help with education in Haiti!