Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Orphanage in Simon - Part 1

Frog children are cute!
I was going to write about the orphanage near here where I taught ecology last Friday, but fellow AUC teacher Ashley who works there everyday did a much better job describing it and our 1/2 hour walk.  So visit her blog, aroundtheworldinhaitidays.  I taught the life cycle of the frog and had each kid come up and repeat all four steps.  They didn't want to until they saw I was giving out buttons!  Then they all came  up one by one.  I also taught about birds and bats.  And made a new friend Sharla who is 15 and very very smart.  She helped with me Creole, I helped her with English.  I think she would be college-bound if she had a family to help her.

Also see fellow teacher Scott's blog for his perspective about life here in Les Cayes.

Telling the frog life cycle to the class.

Sharla is always studying.

New friends.

Watch out for that bat!

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