Monday, September 3, 2012

Cattle Egrets and Chickens

From the oasis of the 3rd floor balcony at the guest house, we can see 100s of cattle egrets flying in to roost for the evening.  They begin as we’re sitting down to dinner on the balcony, around 6pm, and continue until dark.  If one is up early enough you can hear them crackling and waking up for the morning, then around 6:30am flying off to hang out for the day with the cows in the fields along the coast.  Their cousins the chickens roost in the small tree nearby, also clucking until they finally flutter down to the ground to begin their day. 

Egrets hanging out at a mangrove.

Egrets coming in for the evening (photographed from the roof)

Find the 2 chickens.

Here's one!

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