Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lessons from Living in Les Cayes

Mimi Day-o, the run away cat.
  • If riding a moto taxi (motorcycle taxi), wear a flowy skirt so you can get your leg over the back without hitching up your skirt beyond a modest height.
  • Believe the Haitians when they say to tie your new cat up for 2 days so she doesn't runaway.   Even after 3 days cats run away.
  • Save your glass pop bottles to return to the store - your next bottle of pop will be half the price.
  • Get your Internet work done while power and Internet works.  Don't count on it being available tomorrow or the day you really need to have the work done.
  • Go ahead and put the fan 1 foot from your face while you're sleeping, you'll be much cooler than it being 13 or more inches away.
  • Videos of baby bats with their moms are an excellent way to reinforce to both children and adults that bats don't come from old mice.
Two fans are better than one.

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  1. Happy to see that the little black fan has helped. ;)