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Restaurants in Les Cayes and Haiti's southern peninsula

Here I'll keep track of the restaurants I've eaten in on the southern peninsula.  I'll focus on the vegetarian options since that's what I eat.  Feel free to post your own reviews in the comments.

In general, restaurants don't have about 1/2 of what is on the menu, and it may take 2 hours before the meals are served since they don't make it until you order.  Many allow you to order ahead.  And they serve HUGE portions!  I haven't learned yet how to convey small portions.  Juices are freshly made and GREAT!  Passionfruit, grapefruit, key lime, orange, cherry...

Les Cayes
Meridien - On Route 2 about a block west of the main gate.  Also a hotel
They don't have the pizza on their menu.  Service was relatively fast, we had our dinner within an hour.  I had the bannan pese (fried plaintains) with rice and something else that I forget, maybe pikliz (spice coleslaw).  With the bannan as my starch I didn't need the rice.  I think everyone else at the table enjoyed their fish.  Not too expensive, $8 I think.

Nami - Chinese restaurant, downtown Cayes.  Great vegetarian eggrolls, and cashew vegetables.  Order ahead!

Ashley and her cheese burger.
Fast and Tasty - Downtown.  I had the Accra (fried taro root, 50gd) and pikliz.  The beet salad is good too.  Also has burgers and pizza.
Scott enjoying his food.
The gas station near the Les Cayes gate is said to have excellent pizza.  Later someone else said it was frozen DeGiorno pizza.  Still sounds good to me.  

William with lambi (conch) and beat salad.

Pikliz and Accra - fried taro root

Lobby of  Chateau Champvert
Chateau Champvert  - On Route 2, look for the sign on the north side of the road and follow the dirt road to it (it's only a block or two back).  This is a very fancy hotel with a swimming pool, gift shop, massage parlor, exercise room, disco lounge, bar, and restaurant.  The food took over 2 hours to arrive.  They gave us some bread as an appetizer, and I finally broke down and asked for our juice before our meal.  See the picture of the vegetarian meal they concocted for me.  Canned peas ringed by
an excellent potato salad ringed by canned corn.  With rice, french fries, pikliz, and bannan pese.  WAY too much food.
The vegetarian option at Hotel La Foi
Chateau Champvert
Again, didn't need the rice, or the canned veggies!  We took the leftovers home.  Rhoda made a soup from her leftover chicken.  About $10.


Port Salut
Hotel Reposoir du Village - On the south side of Route 2, right on the beach.  This place had the best ambiance.  The food took no more than an hour, playing cards and exploring the beach kept us busy.  Had a giant plate of pikliz with rice, and juice.  This was the most expensive place so far - $15.  See pictures here.

Les Anglais 
Hotel La Foi - This was the best and least expensive!  They made a meatless curry-like legume dish - cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.  Also served us bannan pese, beans and rice, and goat.  I had a Malta to drink.  Cost 250gd, or $6, each.  (A member of the group is also the owner's son-in-law, so maybe that was the reason for the price.  It was well worth more than the price).  Also, this would be a great place to stay overnight to go see the mangroves and beaches at the western tip of the peninsula.  Les Anglais also has a rich history of settlement by England.

Obama at Hotel La Foi

Hotel La Foi

Hotel La Foi


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