Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Mustard Seed Auberge Hostel, Les Cayes Haiti

Relaxing on the balcony.
If you are looking for a place to stay in Les Cayes Haiti consider the Mustard Seed Auberge Hostel in the Charpentier neighborhood on the east end of Les Cayes.  I must preface this review with the fact that I lived there for 5 months and got to know the friendly Haitian family that lives on the ground floor and manages the hostel. 

The hostel is located in a residential area close to Les Cayes main road, National Route 2, so it is very easy to walk to the highway to find a motorcycle taxi, buy produce, or go to the businesses along the highway.  It takes about 7 minutes to walk to the Capital Coach Bus Line stop, and about 5 minutes to walk to the American University of the Caribbean.  The neighborhood is safe, but as in all of Haiti it would be unwise to walk alone at night. 

The 2nd floor living quarters are very breezy which makes it comfortable in the hot weather.  There is a balcony with hammocks, a great place to hang out and watch the neighborhood. 

Cots and fans in the bedrooms.
As typical with hostels, Auberge is very inexpensive, primarily because the beds are cots and guests are expected to share rooms if necessary.  There are fans to keep you cool and blankets to keep you warm in the cool winter nights, and each cot is under a mosquito net.  There is also a real full-sized bed with an extra charge for those who want this amenity.  There are 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms.  They can accommodate large groups on more cots and air mattresses in the the main quarters.

The prices while I was there for 2 weeks in January 2014 were $18/night, plus $7 for lunch or dinner.  They gave me a special monthly rate for a 5-month stay which did not include meals.  The kitchen is large with a propane stove, refrigerator, and some basic utensils and cookware.  If you want Haitian meals you can pay the family downstairs for meals.  While cooking on my own I missed Haitian cooking so paid for one meal a week from Madam Eli downstairs.  She also washes clothes for $5US a sac.

Looking in on the kitchen.
Internet is provided at no extra cost, and is rather reliable and fast for Haiti.  City electricity is backed up with batteries and an inverter.  Only once in my 5-month stay did we have an evening of no electricity.  Water is from a container on the roof that must be periodically refilled, so guests are advised to conserve water.  There is no hot water, and tap water cannot be used for brushing teeth or drinking.  Potable water is provided.

The Mustard Seed Auberge is a very clean and breezy place to stay!  Contact me and Ill put you in touch with the proprietor.  Check out the rest of my blog for activities to do in the area.

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