Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ecotour bonus day -The lake Etang Laborde

Cute baby.

I had a great time on the 4-day ecotour I arranged for my visitor from  Michigan.  We saw the bird he wanted to see and a fort, explored a cave, went birding and swimming at a waterfall, and took a road trip to go up in elevation for a different view.  My last day in Cayes my other visitor and I got in one last day of exploring at a lake about 8 miles northwest of Cayes, Etang Laborde.  This would be a wonderful place to arrive early to see ducks and shorebirds.  The Caribbean coot is there, as well as jacana.  And the people who live around the lake are nice.  It seems like a safe place to walk around, and perhaps go out on a boat.  See this blog for why we went there. (most of these photos are by Don Huggins)

Suspicious mamma.

Plowing the fields.

Drinking water from a spring near the lake edge.

Jacana in flight.

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