Friday, November 22, 2013

Making disciples – teaching the truth about birds and bats

My goal of living and teaching in Haiti isn’t to provide jobs, or give stuff away.  While there aren’t a lot of jobs, there is plenty of clothing and food here.  PLENTY!  (Repeat – Haiti does not need food or clothes – handouts only drive the food and clothing sellers out of business.  Oh, and thinking of shipping a container of soap?  Haiti has soap.  Google soap and Haiti and you’ll see all the soap drives.).

My goal is to teach people about ecology so they can make informed decisions.  You want to kill birds?  Fine – just be aware that the consequences are less fruit and dispersal of seeds, and more insects and rodents.  And if you are a Christian don’t forget that your God said birds are good.  You’ll have to deal with Him, not me.

It is just as important to train Haitians to do this environmental outreach, and encourage them to go and preach the word about the importance of birds and bats.  So I’ve been excited to get back into the swing of going to schools with some of my university students to train and encourage them to teach ecology.  So far we have visited Communaute Baptiste where we taught last year, and  Institution Classique Moderne des Cayes.  Jackson and Ducsonn are very enthusiastic teachers, I think they will have environmental careers someday.

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