Sunday, December 2, 2012

Busy teaching in Simon

John Kelly teaching about bats.

These past two weeks I have been busy teaching ecology in Simon, near Les Cayes.  Here are some pictures, check the AUC Audubon Center website for details.  We held two-hour workshops for high schoolers and primary school teachers in Simon.  Three teachers then invited us to their schools to teach in their class rooms.  James coordinated these visits, and students from Tropical Ecology helped and began teaching the classes.
James teaching at the high school student seminar.

Teacher seminar.

Dieubon and Pierre teaching at Lumiere et Vie.
Lumiere et Vie class with AUC students looking on.
Excelsior classroom building.

Adelin, a young student, Rodine, Dieubon, and James.

Rodine and Dieubon

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