Saturday, December 22, 2012

Things to see in Camp Perrin

The electric plant along a beautiful stream.
Camp Perrin is about 1/2 hour from Les Cayes and well worth the trip.  Here are some things to see.
1. Etang Lachaux - Hunting and fishing is banned at this lake.  It was stocked with fish, and once the fish are large enough fishing will be allowed with special nets that allow the small fish to escape.  Way to go Minister of the Environment for the South Dept.!
2. The water fall at Saut Mathurine.  Bring your swim suit and a picnic.  There is also a little souvenir booth near it.
3. The electric plant down the road from the falls, along a beautiful rocky stream.
4. The NGO Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Environment (ORE) - visit the bamboo grove and mango dehydrating facility.

Contact me if you would like directions to these places.

No fishing or hunting at Etang Lachaux.

Etang Lachaux

New road to Camp Perrin along Etang Lachaux.

The waterfall Saut Mathurine.

Entrance to Saut Mathurine waterfall.
Bamboo at ORE.

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