Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teaching in Merger & Ag Day

Monday I taught in 10 classes at the school in Merger, kindergarten through 6th grade, ages 3 – 17.  Merger is a community about a one hour drive from Croix des Bouquets where I am staying.  There were 186 kids!  Except for 6th grade, all the classes are in one 3-sided cement brick building with only tarp hung between grades to make rooms.  I don’t know how the teachers do it, or how the kids pay attention.  Since it was my 1st time at this school, I only taught about birds: woodpecker, hummingbird, parrots and parakeets, and hawks.  As with previous schools, the kids all said hawks eat chickens, and most said they take the eggs to eat or crush.  I gave buttons to the older kids, and stickers to the kindergarteners.  Woodky was a great translator.
Swarm of kids.

Kindergarten class

Rhoda, Woodky, and me
Today is National Agriculture Day.  Kids don't have school, some businesses are closed, and at the State University and Ministry of Agriculture there is a 3 day ag fair.  Woodky and I were to teach in a nearby community center, but a guard died (in his sleep) so all events there were canceled.  But then we found out about the ag fair so Rhoda and I took the 2 kids who live here.  It's like a state fair - ag exhibits, animals, vegetables, booths from different organizations, food.  AND we saw President Martelly!  And I met some people interested in ecotourism.  Turned out to be a great day after all.  (Oh and the flamingo watching was canceled, the Haitian who was going to accompany us couldn't get here.)
Casslin, Berlinda, and Rhoda waiting for the president to walk by at the Agricultural Fair.

Martelly & Me

Waiting for the prez. from a combine.
Group promoting propane to save trees

1 million trees for 2012.

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