Saturday, May 26, 2012

Earthquake Memorials

I had the opportunity to visit two memorials to the Jan. 2010 earthquake.  The mass grave is along National Route 1, east of Titanyen (NW of Port).  Click here for the story behind it.  It is a somber place, knowing we are parked and standing on the mass graves.  There's a stone monument.  And two young women ran up the hill when they saw us, wanting to give us a tour. Knowing they probably needed money it was difficult to say no, but we wanted to just stand in quite, enjoying the view of the bay and reflecting on the moment.  We gave them a bunch of mangoes and a ride back down the hill to the highway.


The second memorial was at Quisqueya University (Kiskeya), where buildings fell, killing students and teachers.  We were there for a meeting with the Haitian Audubon Society located on campus.  It is a peaceful place up in the hills above Port.


Entrance to Quisqueya University

Memorial to students and teachers killed at Quisqueya University

Mural in the Quisqueya University memorial

Close up of mural

Monument at the mass grave near Titanyen

Crosses on the hillside

View of the Port au Prince bay from the monument

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