Thursday, June 16, 2011

Have motorcycle, will teach. Days 2 & 3

Tuesday Derold the translator took me by motorcycle to Grand Latanier (private school) – farther away on hwy 3 towards Hinche. Gave the principle binocs and pages from the bird guide. Taught in 6 classes: 45 4th graders; ~ 45 5th graders; 25 kindergarteners in same room as 65 1st graders; ~50 2nd graders; Two adjoining rooms of 36 3rd graders in front room and 25 older kids in back room (couldn’t see them all). Done around 9:45a.

Then to the Maranatha church school – about 100 kids meet in the old church (brown uniforms, some from UCI neighborhood). Followed by 45 women in the new church. They seemed to know less than the kids (one called the hawk clip art a bat). Got home around 11:30.

For 45 min. met again with 3 UCI employees – went over basic water chemistry and that testing it will help them figure out what is wrong if there’s a fish kill. They asked about putting in fish ponds. Gave them the ekoloji, deforestation, and science dictionary books in Creole.

Then went to the nutrition center at the end of driveway. About 60 kids, Tana translated. They didn’t listen well. The teacher wasn’t there, it was just to eat.

Wednesday went to 2 schools before my flight. First was Lotbo Bohoc, near the market. I taught there 3 years ago when it was just a nutrition center in a gazebo and again last year. Now it is a school with 2 buildings. Met with ~40 kids (yellow uniforms).

Then stopped at another and went classroom by classroom (forgot to get the name). 8 classes: 13 preteens; 10 5th graders; 9 6-7yr.; 13 3rd graders (with teacher nursing baby); 8 6-yr; 12 8-yr; 8 6-yr who were singing the Ti Zwazo song; 4 cute 2-4-yr olds.

Then I went to the UCI board meeting, had lunch, and flew to Port-au-Prince.

Totals: 7 schools, 2 church groups, 1 nutrition center, 1 group of employees = 880 kids, 30 teens, 51 adults. This doesn’t include the teachers or people along the streets who saw me out birding. Next time bring more handouts!

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