Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Team Work

Teaching in the university here in Haiti has given me a chance to see the American church and medical teams that come to UCI.  In just 3 weeks I have seen 5 teams!  They ranged from an Iowa family of 5 with kids aged 8 to 12, to a California church team of 27 that included doctors, teens, school teachers, and a carpenter.  And as a special bonus a friend from Kansas was on a team!  Here are some pictures showing the range of things people can do here in Caiman and the surrounding community.  JeanJean and Kristie make sure the teams are going where they are most needed.  I’ve tagged along with the groups so that I could teach bats and birds to kids while the teams worked.  

On Sundays the teams make lunch so the cooks can have the day off.  Kansas Nate with the Nebraska team cooks.

The small CA team provided a cement floor to help the family avoid health problems caused by dirt floors.

I taught ecology while the team helped with the cement floor.

The Nebraska team performed a skit for kids.

The Men's Choir entertained the teams.

Dr. LeeAnn in a remote medical clinic.

Deanna and Tricia organized medical supplies in the new clinic at the UCI university.

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