Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Watershed study in southern Haiti

The past 2 weeks my colleague Dr. Don Huggins and I have been evaluating the watersheds of 3 lakes in southern Haiti, to provide recommendations to the government group CIAT and the NGO ORE for watershed improvement and protection.  Some former students from the American University of the Caribbean and from the technical school, IPFTA, both in Les Cayes, joined us.  They really enjoyed learning about water quality, macroinvertebrates, and fish of the lakes, and helped us immensely with the terrestrial plants names and in understanding the agricultural practices of the area.  And of course they will all receive certificates for assisting in the study.  Here are some photos.  Technical information about the lakes is posted over at the Audubon Center of Les Cayes blog.

Testing a spring at Etang Douat with IPFTA students.

Don Huggins with AUC students who helped at the lakes.

On Etang Lachaux with AUC student Frankel and local 14 year old rower Francele.

IPFTA students next to a galet (latrine area) at Etang Laborde.

IPFTA students helping Don get a thorn out of his finger.

IPFTA students under a mango at Etang Laborde.

AUC students, a Notre Dame student, and translator Ralph at Etang Lachaux.

AUC and Notre Dame students looking for macroinvertebrates at Etang Laborde.

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