Friday, November 28, 2014

Papaye Haiti - Casava, jelly, cabbage, and a church

After leaving Hinche, the road to Bassin Zim goes through Papaye.  After making a left at the major fork in the road, look for Terezya on the left.  Make a stop to buy some cassava bread, jellies, and wine made by the Little Sisters and Little Brothers of St. Teresa, and see how it is made.  I’ve seen their yellow jars of jelly in supermarkets.  You can also see their biogas pigs and tilapia ponds.

Farther down the road is the place mentioned on the big sign at the fork in the road, Lakay Sant Nasyonal Fòmasyon Kad Payizan, which seems to be an agricultural education center for farmers (peasants).  They were growing a lot of cabbage, had charcoal briquettes made from cow manure, goats were in raised pens instead of wandering around eating everything, and were raising tilapia.  There was also a composting toilet with detailed instructions. 

Cassava mill at Terezya.
Our final stop of the day was at a retirement center for priests, le centre Emmaüs à Papaye.  The landscaping was beautiful and then we went into the church.  They had upholstered chairs!  Just like in the US!  The church was beautiful, but the chairs made me envious.   I suddenly was not in Haiti anymore.  You have to go up a flight of steps to get into the church – I hope all the retired priests can make it up!

Lakay Sant Nasyonal Fòmasyon Kad Payizan

Charcoal from cow poop.

Tilapia pond.

How to use the composting toilet.

The retirement center for priests.

Fountain outside of the church.
Upholstered chairs!

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