Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wharf and ecotourism school

View of wharf from Ouanga Bay Beach Hotel.
Near Ouanga Bay Beach Hotel (review at previous post) in Cote des Arcadins is the wharf for boats to Ile de la Gonave, Haiti’s largest island.  Some men involved with the ecotourism school took us there before we headed across the street and up the hill to the ecotourism school.  The wharf was busy with passengers and products being loaded onto boats.  There were large sail boats and a motorized boat.  The road down to the wharf was lined with people selling food.

The ecotourism school offers a 6 month training in the service industry.  It is sponsored by the Brazilian group Viva Rio.  There are 4 new buildings featuring a restaurant kitchen and dining room and a hotel room.  The school also does some farming projects such as methane from pig manure and tilapia.  To reach both the wharf and the school you have to walk along Natl Rt #1, so watch for vehicles.  The walk up the hill to the school is a bit steep but it is not far.  Well worth the effort to see what is going on in Haiti.

Passengers waiting to go to Ile de la Gonave.

American rice waiting to be loaded on boats.
Methane piglets at ecotourism school.
Tilapia ponds at ecotourism school.

Ecotourism school buildings to the right.

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