Thursday, October 17, 2013

Port au Prince and Artibonite Valley in 3 days

I recently took a mini-vacation to see my friend Rhoda in Port au Prince and we took a road trip up the south coast of the north peninsula, and back down through the Artibonite Valley, Haiti’s rice basket.  I’ll blog about each place we stopped so others can visit these places.  Paul Clammer’s Bradt Haiti guide was a great help providing background information about the places we saw.

Saturday Day 1 – Lunch at Epi D’Or, stop at the Apparent Project gift shop (which should be added to the guide book), spend the afternoon at the Art Fair at the Parc Historique de la Canne a Sucre (Sugar Cane Museum), followed by grocery shopping in awe at the things the store carries (stores where I live in Cayes have fewer choices).  Wonderful dinner at home.

Sunday Day 2 – Leave Port at 2pm to begin our road trip.  Arrive at the beach hotel Moulin Sur de Mer at 4pm.  Spend the night.  

Monday Day 3 – Check out at 10 am and visit the plantation museum Musee Colonial Ogier-Fombrun next door.  Hit the road around 11am, stop at the St. Marc’s grocery store for lunch, arrive at Petit Riviere around 1pm to visit the bird artist Larimer.  Spend the afternoon visiting Larimer’s studio, the Palais de 365 Portes (Palace of 365 Doors built in 1816), Fort Crete-a-Pierrot that Napoleon’s army attacked in 1802, and a hotel (for potential visitors).  Hit the road around 5pm, visit a friend of Rhoda and pick up another friend, arrive home in Port at 9:30pm.

An extra day could be built into the trip to visit the waterfall Saut D’Eau and find a birding spot.

Stay tuned for details and more photos!

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