Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back at the orphanage

Friday afternoon I went to the girls’ orphanage in Simon to resume teaching ecology.  Two weeks ago Nate, Kristin and I were there so Nate could teach first aid.  After drilling into the little kids’ heads to go find an adult if they come across an accident (rather than taking the person to the hospital themselves!), Nate worked with 2 of the older girls interested in medicine, while Kristin and I stayed with the rest.  AUC student & translator Richard was great in leading them in singing, then we learned a bunch of standing-in-a-circle games.

On Friday I taught the usual bit about birds and bats.  Fortunately, when asked where do bats come from, they said trees and houses, rather than old mice!  Afterwards I had them write their names on a white board so I could take photos and try to learn all their names.  That took for…ev…er….!!!  They all wanted to draw pictures with their names, and the perfectionists of the group kept erasing their drawings and starting over.  So I ended up with photos of about 1/3 the kids and will try again next week.


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