Monday, August 27, 2012

Les Cayes, Haiti

Entrance to AUC, with the Les gate in background.
Hurricane Isaac greeted me in my new home at the American University of the Caribbean in Les Cayes on the southern coast of Haiti’s southern peninsula.  Fortunately for us the worst Isaac did was interfere with internet.  It rained steadily Friday evening and Saturday, but the sun was out on Sunday when we went on a road trip to explore the coast between Les Cayes and Roche a Bateau.  Near Les Cayes the surf was very turbid from all the run and runoff.  Closer to Roche the water became more blue, but still not crystal clear like one might imagine the Caribbean to be.  We stopped at the restaurant of Hotel Reposoir du Village in Port Salut and ate right on the beach.  I had a slightly spicy pikliz salad (cabbage and carrot coleslaw) with citwon jus (lime juice).  Rhoda had shrimp and pomme frit (French Fries) and Tim had a chicken sandwich.

Crab at the restaurant beach.

Our meal at Hotel Reposoir.

River is high from Hurricane Isaac.


  1. Hey, Deb:

    How are things in Haiti? Do you have to teach everyday there at the college level or is it like here with classes on different days? Good thing about being where you are right now - no political campaigns to have to listen to. Yuck!!!!! Keep us up to date. Miss you.

    1. Things are great here! I teach 2 classes, one on Tuesday afternoon and one Thursday afternoon. They're both 3 hour classes. A long time to lecture! But also allows time to go on field trips, or outside to see tropical ecology in action.