Wednesday, April 13, 2011

T-shirts for ecotour guides and teachers

I designed a t-shirt for the ecotour guide I teach in Haiti, both to help him brand himself so others can see how they can profit from the environment, and so he doesn’t get lost to his customers in the sea of people at the market. I’d like to give a shirt to the leader of each place I teach this summer, as a reminder that while the environment may be messed up, there are still beautiful birds and plants there, and *bats! The logo on the right with the bird says Birds across the top, and Ecotour Haiti. The one with the bats says Enjoy Haiti, Ecotour! (or literally, ecologically tour).

If you would like to help with this endeavor, you could send me $20 per shirt, or buy them yourselves and have them shipped to me. I didn’t mark up the prices at cafepress, since I don’t want to make money off of the shirts (I’d rather you help me directly!). And I want them to be affordable to whomever wants one.

* Bats are the only native mammal I’ve seen there. There are a couple other native mammals in the national forests.

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