Saturday, February 12, 2011

Team information

Here is a one-blog stop for information that teams need about visiting UCI in Haiti.

The missionaries: Kristie is a nurse & agriculture specialist, JeanJean a pastor.

Generic itinerary

What to pack


Creole dictionaries & audio to download (also sold at KU union)

Books about Haiti

See Haitian American Friendship Foundation for more visitor info.

In Haiti we fly on MAF - It’s a 20 minute flight from the airport in Port Au Prince to the airstrip in Pignon where the Mompremiers will pick us up in their truck, and drive us the 8 miles to their house. The plane holds 5 passengers, so we’ll charter 2 flights if there’s more than 5 of us.

Hospital – there’s one in Pignon – 8 miles away, but around 30 minutes by truck on bumpy road.

Teaching venues:

Schools in Bohoc and Caiman

UCI school - built after the earthquake

UCI church and worship center

Nutrition centers – where kids are fed and taught Bible stories, etc. Video

Plumbing & electricity:

+++2 outdoor pit toilets like at state parks, and 2 newly installed flush toilets & sinks connected to the dorm. Since the Mompremiers rely on water being pumped up from a river and seem to not know when the pump will be turned on, I chose to use the pit toilets (and after the quake they asked people to not use the flush toilets so they can save water). Don’t drink or brush teeth from the sink water! Use filtered water from the house.

+++3 showers which use water caught in giant barrels – the water is cold until the afternoon sun heats it up!

+++ Solar electricity when sun is out and shining. They turn on the generator at night so teams have electricity in the dorm. They have internet in their house so we can let people know we’re ok. It gets dark around 6p so the day ends early.

The gate to their property is locked at night, and there’s a night guard (& three dogs). In the dorm we lock ourselves in at night (and the doors rattle reaaallly loud if you need to get up in the night to use the bathroom.).


**Check with your County Health Dept or Doctor, these are only my opinions, what I was told, or and what I found on-line as of 15-Feb-2011**

CDC site for Haiti - tells you what vaccinations you need. (I don't think you need the rabies unless you're working with animals. Don't pet any dogs unless they are missionary pets that you're told are ok to pet. Haitian dogs are more for guarding than for pets.)

Hepatitis A&B - I was told that if you received the TwinRix AB 3-series shots you only need them once in your life.

Typhoid - The live culture (4 pills you have to refrigerate) gives you 5 years of protection. The shot version protects you for fewer years. See CDC typhoid page for caveats.

Malaria - The malaria protozoan in Haiti is not resistant to the older medicine Chloroquine, so get that. You have to take the pills once a week, 1 - 2 weeks before you go, while you are in Haiti, and for 4 weeks after you return. Pharmacies in my town don't always have them in stock, so plan early so they can order the pills.

Tetanus - You should have this anyway! Get a booster every 10 years.

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