Sunday, May 31, 2009

Potential team - Packing list

If you are going with a team to Pignon, please bring these items. Pack light, you'll have to buy an extra $45 in-country plane ticket for anything over 25lbs. Take 1/2 the clothing you need and have it washed (this also supports jobs). Take clothing you can leave behind then you'll have room for souvenirs. The Mompremiers provide towels and sheets.
  1. FLASHLIGHT (very important, you'll need it at night - no electricity)
  2. waterbottle - you can fill it at the house (make sure it's empty for airport security)
  3. snacks
  4. toiletries (don't expect to buy any forgotten items in Haiti)
  5. prescriptions, including malaria pills and spare glasses/contacts
  6. sun screen
  7. sunglasses
  8. bug spray (bugs really aren't a problem, I use a natural cedar oil spray)
  9. flipflops for around the house
  10. walking shoes
  11. women: skirts (at least knee length)
  12. women: modest tank tops & shirts
  13. women: pants, jeans, and or shorts to wear around the house
  14. men: jeans and a good pair of pants for men, shorts for the house
  15. men: tshirts and nice shirt for church/town
  16. longsleeve shirt
  17. sweatshirt if traveling in the winter, fleece is good for the damp cold
  18. raincoat
  • credit card or cash for US food and hotel
  • CASH for in Haiti, lots of small bills for tips, souvenirs, etc. plus some large for $25/night room & board. No one takes travelers checks.
  • a personal check for the MAF plane, or cash: $90 round trip
  • cell phone is useful for in the US airports, doesn't work in Haiti
  • camera and batteries, film/extra memory cards
  • journal, pens or pencils

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