Wednesday, February 11, 2009

EcoFund supply wish-list

Thanks to everyone who has supported this effort! I was able to purchase 3 sets of educavision books, and have received several binoculars and flashlights (Dec. 2009).

These are the supplies I would like to take to Caiman to teach ecology. I will leave them at a new library. I was told that there are no libraries in Haiti (maybe the universities have them?) and most people could not afford to buy books. Please click on the paypal link if you'd like to donate to the supply fund. Books are from unless otherwise noted.
  • Planet Earth in Diagram - Diagramatic presentation of planet Earth, $10.00
  • Diksyonè Syans - Monolingual Haitian Creole Science Dictionary, $18.00
  • Water is life/Dlo se lavi - Simple study of water in daily living, $8.00
  • Ecology/Ekoloji - kingdoms, cell cycle, metamorphosis, photosynthesis. Grade 8-12, $12.00
  • Butterfly Life Cycle/Etap nan lavi Papiyon - Butterfly life cycle with bilingual labels, $7.00
  • Plant and Animal Cells, Comparison - Plant and animal cells with bilingual labels, $7.00
  • Earth Science - Bilingual, $17.00
  • Map Skills/Ladrès Jeyografi - Activity to develop, build & reinforce map skills, $8.00
  • Map of The Caribbean with bilingual labels, $7.00
  • Solid Liquid Gas chart - State of matters with bilingual labels, $7.00
  • Weather Chart with bilingual labels, $7.00
  • Water Cycle Chart - Water cycle with bilingual labels, $7.00
  • Bird Life Circle, $5.00
  • Eng/Haitian-Creole Science Dictionary - Science, mathematic, medical & other field, $20.00
  • Map Of Haiti in color 30x24, $7.00
  • Tropical Fruits/Fwi Twopikal - Tropical fruits and what they can be used for. Bilingual, Grade K-2, $5.00
  • Insects/Ensèk - Insects and what they do. Bilingual, K-2. $5.00
  • Pictorial English-Creole Dictionary - Illustrated and arranged by subjects, $18.00
  • My Friend the Tree/Mon ami l'arbre/Zanmi-m Pyebwa - The ecological role of trees. Trilingual. ( $13.00
  • Oiseaux d'Haiti - Birds of Haiti - in French! With Creole & English (Florence Sergile), $45.00
  • Birds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti - All the birds in Haiti (, $30.00
  • Binoculars
  • Pens, pencils, notebooks, and pencil sharpeners

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